Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper Ideas

Christmas is a time of year when everyone wants to give a little something special to the people in their lives. It's a time for celebration and for giving and receiving. Although we always want to buy something extra special for close family and friends, there are usually a whole host of individuals on our gift lists that we want to give something memorable to. Giving out too many gifts can result in a big credit card bill to pay come January so it's wise to instead think of something that's small and inexpensive but packs a creative punch. A chocolate wrapped in a Christmas candy bar wrapper is ideal.

If you're a parent like me you probably have a youngster who is in the giving spirit. They'll want to pick out a small gift for some of their classmates, their best friend, their teacher and maybe even a coach or two. Obviously going to a mall and buying this many small gifts will quickly add up. A much less expensive alternative is a chocolate wrapped in a Christmas candy bar wrapper.

The wrapper itself can be personalized to include the name of the recipient along with the name of the person giving it. If you are indeed making a wrapper for your child to give out, consider adding a personal image of him or her with the recipient. In the case of classmates, you can even use a class photo or perhaps a picture of your son or daughter with the child they want to give the gift to.

Teachers seem to be the recipients of all types of odd gifts at Christmas. Most teachers already have their fair share of tree ornaments and candles. Giving them a Christmas candy bar wrapper that shows the child's appreciation for the gift of learning is a touching gesture. It also becomes a keepsake for the teacher. Consider buying a decadent German chocolate bar to wrap. Any teacher is sure to love the promise of a sweet treat after class.

For the adults you also will have many people on your gift list that you want to treat with something original and tasty. This typically includes the mail carrier, your hair stylist and even the babysitter. You can also use a Christmas candy bar wrapper to say thank you to them for all they do to you. Choose either a standard chocolate bar to wrap or maybe give them a basket of mini-chocolates all adorned with bright, custom wrappers. It's really a perfect idea for an inexpensive, yet special holiday gift.

There's still plenty of time to make creative gifts like these for everyone in your life. All you need is some wrappers, your imagination and a bag of chocolate.